January 21, 2018

Help Shape A New Service

I hope you’re enjoying the Summer and looking forward to getting down to some serious business after the holiday season has ended. Your thoughts maybe turning to how you can get more customers and more business during the next quarter, going forward. If that’s the case maybe we can help each other out.


The Online Knowledge is developing a new service to help Businesses, Charities and NGO’s to analyse how well they are doing across 3 critical areas of their Online Marketing.


1. Attraction

Are they doing enough to bring visitors to their website and fill the top of their sales and marketing funnel? How are their content creation, optimisation and website promotion skills?

2. Conversion
How good are they at converting traffic into leads and leads into customers? Do they have landing pages & conversion forms? Do they use email marketing and social media? How do their efforts compare with the best in the business?

3. Analytics
Do they know what aspects of their marketing are working and those that aren’t? Do they measure their successes and failures?

As an experienced online consultant, I’ll carry out this analysis and the results will be presented in a full written report alongside actionable recommendations, with the sole aim of helping to improve the ROI of their online marketing.

At the end of the report, we’ll give the client a score out of 100, so they can measure how their online marketing is performing against other organisations.

We want to get an idea as to how useful this service would be, the type of companies that would use the service and the fee they are willing to pay. I would really appreciate it if you could spend just 2 minutes answering the questions posed by my survey.

You’ll find the survey here

Thanks in advance for your help