January 21, 2018

How Online Marketing Strategies Work 24/7

Online marketing Strategies

What is the purpose of your website? For many it is an online version of your company’s sales brochure, but if you are truly switched on to potential of digital, your website should be a 24 hour lead generation system.

Another name for this is “Inbound Marketing”.  Inbound Marketing is all about getting potential customers finding you, rather than you prospecting for business and it should become one of your most important online marketing strategies.

Here’s how it should work:  A prospective customer discovers your website homepage. On the homepage is a clickable call to action. This clicks through to a landing page, where the potential customer sees a description of your offer, which should provide some value to the customer. Often this can be a free eBook or subscription to your newsletter giving free tips and advice.  Once on the landing page they can get the free offer by completing and submitting a lead capture form, providing you with information such as their name, email address and contact number.  Once the prospect submits the form, they receive your offer and your sales team has a new lead to contact.

This process can be completely automated, using email auto-responders, so essentially, once it’s been set up you can sit back and wait for the leads to come in and then simply follow them up.

Of course, you have to get the customer to go to your website in the first place, and this is a whole other task in itself, but you can see how by implementing a simple system like this you can move your existing brochure website into a 24hour lead generation system.

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