January 21, 2018

Are your Online Marketing Strategies working?

Are your Online Marketing Strategies Working?

Have you ever wondered whether your online presence is capable of bringing in the new customers that you need?

Of course the answer should be yes – your online activities should be bringing new leads and customers every day.  If that’s not happening for you, then you need to look at your whole online presence and analyse what’s working and what isn’t and fix the things that aren’t working.

These days, your online presence is more than just your website. There’s social media, your blog, your pay per click campaigns, directory listings – all things that will contribute your online performance.

With all that “noise” out there you’ve probably struggled to step back, take an overview and carry out an accurate analysis.

We’ve just launched a new consultancy service to do just that, helping small to medium sized companies clearly see which parts of their online marketing strategies are working.

We analyse your entire online presence and deliver our findings in what’s called the “OPAS Report”. It stands for Online Presence Analysis and Score.

Here’s what the report covers:


Are you doing enough to bring new customers to your sites?

We’ll tell you, AND we’ll tell you how you can improve!


Are you doing enough to turn visitors into customers?

Most people don’t!  We’ll show you what’s wrong, and the changes you can make to turn your visitors into customers!


Are you able to track visitors, where they came from, what they looked at, and what they did?

Are you able to see if visitors came from your campaigns, or from search engine traffic?

If you aren’t getting this right, you’ll never know if your Attraction and Conversion efforts are bearing fruit and your online marketing strategies are working.

The OPAS report takes a holistic approach and covers everything from your website, blog, social media, search engine ranking and any other online presence your company may have. We provide actionable recommendations you can implement to improve the return on investment of your online presence.

At the end of the report, we’ll give you a score out of 100, so you can measure how your online marketing is performing against other companies in your industry.

This unique OPAS report costs from just £297 and if you take action and implement the report’s recommendations, you will be improving the success of your online marketing strategies and could receive a return on that investment of at least 10 times, in one year alone.To find out more and a for a free 30 minute consultation, call us on 0845 519 8867 or email tim.morgan@theonlineknowledge.com.