January 21, 2018

Google Places Listing

Google Places Image

How Google Places can improve search engine ranking

85 percent of people rely on the internet when they’re looking for local information. If you want people to find your business through the Internet, and these days the internet is where you really need to be, you have to ensure you’re higher up the search rankings for your keywords, than your competitors. In today’s marketplace, this is no easy task and it can take time. However,  there is a quick win you can achieve right now that can help improve your search engine ranking…and it’s called Google Places.

Google Places – great for local business SEO

So, what is Google places? Well, when people are searching for a local business, as well as the normal organic website searches there is also a places listing above the organic search results. This listing is proving very effective for local businesses SEO and helps to gain new customers because more and more people are now using the search engines instead of traditional paper directory books such as yellow pages and Thomson local. Also, the competition isn’t that great for many business areas in the UK and it’s relatively easy for us to rank your places listing on top meaning that the extra clients you will receive and the return on investment will be enormous.

Here are some of the benefits of a Google Places listing:-

  • Appears above the normal website search listings on Google.
  • Will increase leads and phone calls.
  • Satisfied customers have the chance to leave a review on your places page, having a positive effect on business
  • People using their mobile phone for search can easily find you.
  • Listing has contact details and address so customers can find you quickly.
  • You do not need a physical retail location to be accepted into Google places.
  • It is a FACT that business’s with a highly optimised Google place’s listing do better than similar business’s without a Google places listing.

Claim your Free Google Places listing in your SEO strategy.

If you haven’t already claimed your Google Place listing for your business, you should go ahead and do this today. It’s free of charge and quite easy to do yourself and should be part of your SEO strategy. However, just claiming your listing may not be enough to push it to the top of the rankings. There’s quite a few things connected with your listing we would recommend you do to help your business improve its search engine ranking.


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