January 21, 2018

Social media & reputation management

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Listen to your customers…Monitor your online reputation

Whether you are aware of them or not, conversations are taking place about your business online. To understand what the general “Sentiment” about your business is, you have to “listen” to these conversations.  By reviewing the pattern and topics of conversation over a period of time you can see how the sentiment is affected by any publicity and marketing activities you enter into. As a small business, you may not be able to react to all the comments in the online space but by understanding what people are saying about you, enables you to see both the positives and negatives about your business’ reputation.

With billions of social media conversations happening across the globe, how can you find the ones that relate to your business?

There are hundreds of tools you can use to monitor all the social networks in one go – and you could spend months researching the best one for your business. And then there are the reports you can generate – which ones are important?

Fortunately, you don’t have to do any of this. We’ve already done the leg-work for you!

Our Social media listening and online reputation management packages tell you:-

  • Key themes – What people are saying about your business, its products and services
  • The overall “sentiment” for your business (Positive, neutral or negative)
  • Which social media networks are the most popular amongst your customers

All presented in a short easy to read report, delivered as a one-off or on a monthly basis.

We also have a simple and completely ethical solution to minimise negative feedback on review sites.

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